Cast member, Pam Wise reveals what RATSociety means to her…

PammieBorn into a typical northern family during the 1970s and then moving my roots to Glos in 1993 to study environmental policy. I’ve always used nature as a reason to act in life and currently work within sales for Ecotricity.

My introduction to RATS was organic, just going along for a bit of fun and then lo and behold… I became Lenny! And she couldn’t have come into my life at a better time.

What I love about RATS is the total freedom to explore my own preconceptions and be challenged to look again and see from another persons angle. I thought I did this well already in my life but RATS takes it to another level.

The sense of belonging cannot be over stressed. We are all in this together. United we stand…


Buy tickets to see Pam and the rest of the RATSociety members in their performance of Crimes of the Heart, 28th & 29th March 2014 at Whiteway Colony Hall, Miserden.

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